Reach 600 000+ people with database marketing!

Communicate with your target group anytime with EDM, call center, Viber, or SMS!

Database marketing services

Precise targeting based on location, demographics, lifestyle attributes, purchase behavior, occupation, and more. Broaden your marketing reach like never before in Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia quickly and efficiently!

Data Innovation has a live email database of hundreds of thousands in the region

Custom Database

Get direct access to the email addresses and other contact details of qualified leads through the database we build for you.

Drive traffic

We identify and redirect the ideal prospects and customers to your website to boost the results of your campaign.

Database management

Not only do we build relevant datasets and enhance the contact profiles in your database, we even manage your campaigns for you!

Why should everyone use database marketing?

Cookies are already unavailable in Firefox Mozilla and Safari browsers and will be removed in Chrome soon. One of the consequences of this is that retargeting (also known as remarketing), which is probably the most effective online marketing tool that has ever existed, will no longer be possible. In fact, it’s already not working for a quarter of local internet users – see the presentation below (Hungarian).

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How do we work?

Just brief us on the audience you would like to reach and we collect and provide you with their contact information. Need more? We can run your campaign with extremely good results. Or just drive more targeted traffic to you than ever before. It’s that simple.


Why database marketing is so effective?

Because we collect prospects’ data from well-chosen online sites and direct them to our thematic questionnaires and prize competitions, and then profile, store and update their data based on their consent.

Guiding you through the hard parts

Never used a marketing database before and don't know about database marketing? No problem! We'll not only build it for you but also teach you how to target your ideal audience with precision - or even run your newsletter campaign for you.

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"My boss heard about the 3rd party cookie problem at an event, and I didn't know what to tell him about the right solution. Richard put me in the picture and we've already had a successful campaign."

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