Sell on your own database

Custom Database

We provide probably the best datasets of email, phone, and contact details of qualified leads.

What are the steps of building a database?

You sell used Japanese cars? Or a soft loan for new homes? You offer services to mothers in your county? You communicate by email or call center? Just tell us, how big a database should we build for you, by when, and with what dataset?

Through online tests, prize competitions, listing sites, and database partners, we collect a large number of potential customers’ data and consents and build a database of them.

We sort, select and only deliver qualified leads to you – why should you pay for irrelevant data sets?

Do you operate a call center? We help you reach your next best customers by providing phone contact details. You believe in email marketing? We build you a large email database with enhanced profiles that you can retarget with Facebook / Google remarketing!

Situations when you definitely need a custom database

Benefits of custom database


We build a detailed profiled database and give access to people you can communicate with cost-effectively all year round.


We only build you a database of contact details of customers who are open to your offer – you don’t pay for irrelevant data sets.


Shape the communication to your own database through your own channel, without being at the mercy of Google and Facebook changes.

How to use your database

Call them

Give access to the database to your call center team to call leads with your offer then sit back and enjoy the increased income.

Email them

Now you can target your newsletter very precisely, as you know from the database exactly who might be open to any of your offers.

Build your database with us!

Don’t hesitate – you’re already failing to retarget 25% of web browsing visitors and soon this will be close to 100%.

500 000

live email

We help you reach your next customers and encourage brand loyalty from your current customers in large numbers.


profile attributes

A database that we are constantly enhancing, building and expanding. Yes, attuned to your unique business needs too.


GDPR compliant

Legal, fair, future-proof, and efficient database even for specific purposes. Yours, forever.

Clients we’ve served

“We have a call center, it’s very important to call leads on a daily basis, and of course not to waste time with cold calls. We chose Datainnovation because they can consistently deliver a high volume of Sales Qualified Leads.”

Gábor Blazsó

CEO, Credithome

Don’t want to manage a database at all? We have the solution!

You don’t necessarily have to bother with database building, profiling, maintenance, custom lists, and data management – we’ll do the tedious bits for you!

Contact us!

Let’s have a coffee, if nothing else, at least have a good chat about database marketing!

“My boss heard about the 3rd party cookie problem at an event, and I didn’t know what to tell him about the right solution. Richard put me in the picture and we’ve already had a successful campaign.”

Annamária Kis

Marketing manager

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