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We identify and redirect the ideal prospects and customers to your website to boost the results of your campaign.

What are the steps for driving traffic?

You have a car dealership? Are you in the dietary supplements business? Do you run a hotel? In our database, we identify a large number of ideal prospects and clients based on their profile characteristics, tailored to your marketing goals.

We will send an email to the most relevant prospects and potential customers in our database – this can be an email you create yourself, or we can create an HTML creative for you.

By clicking on the links of the HTML-creative, a large number of relevant prospects will be redirected to your website, webshop, landing page to buy, subscribe, download, etc.

Clients we’ve served

Benefits of traffic redirection


Visitors selected from our precisely profiled database and redirected to your site are more likely to be interested in your products or services.


We collect leads from a range of quality traffic sources, and our profiling methodology ensures that only high-converting leads are delivered to your campaign.


We will filter and identify the target group for you and, if you want, we can even produce the HTML email from text to images to full graphics.

Order online traffic from us!

In each case, we deliver the highest-quality, targeted traffic to you.


specific data sources

With a wide range of thematic data sources, the profile characteristics of contacts can be combined to serve a variety of marketing purposes.


profile attributes

With our highly targeted, data-driven email marketing, we reach relevant customer segments and achieve high conversion rates.



Depending on your browser, it’s why we strongly recommend that you own a database to prevent the negative impacts of cookie changes.

“Data Innovation team not only helps us to reach the target audience but also to follow up on the results of the campaign. They are reliable, professional, and flexible for any issues that may arise!”

Andrea Kovács

Marketing associate, LIVING Homes

Would you like to enhance your own database with potential customers? We have the solution!

After a quick brief about your ideal target group, we will soon send you the details of the new leads several times a week!

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Let’s have a coffee, if nothing else, at least have a good chat about database marketing!

“My boss heard about the 3rd party cookie problem at an event, and I didn’t know what to tell him about the right solution. Richard put me in the picture and we’ve already had a successful campaign.”

Annamária Kis

Marketing manager

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