How many days do I have fun in a day?

A presentation by Richárd Rusvai, CEO of Data Innovation, at the Media-Digital Hungary 25! event on the different ways of consuming content, the reception of advertising and content, the proportion of people willing to pay for online content, and many other interesting topics.

How to access data after cookies

Cookies are already unavailable in Firefox Mozilla and Safari browsers and will be removed in Chrome soon. One of the consequences of this is that retargeting (also known as remarketing), which is probably the most effective online marketing tool that has ever existed, will no longer be possible. In fact, it is already not working for a quarter of Hungarian internet users.

The relationship between media content and advertising – sometimes tiring

At the Reboot Hungary event, we presented on the relationship between domestic subscription models and advertising, the Times magazine subscription model, the evolution of digital and print subscriptions, and advertising revenues in the virtual company of renowned experts.