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We run programmatic banner campaigns targeting database profiles

How does it work?

We collect demographic and highly targeted profile data on consumer habits, purchase intentions, product preferences, etc. through thematic online tests, sweepstakes, surveys, quizzes. These zero-party data are much more accurate than data from browsing.

Our database is linked to a programmatic advertising system to run banner ads quickly and in a highly targeted way. Because our data is not based on browsing history, but on answers to specific questions, it is much more accurate than the data available from an average programmatic system.

The database-bound programmatic system will display the banner to those who meet your requirements. So you can advertise with little variation, based on real data.

Efficiency is achieved by keeping the database fresh and up-to-date with at least 5-6 tests per month, with ~100 000 visitors per test.

Consider a profile-targeted programmatic banner campaign in these cases

A profile-targeted programmatic banner campaign is effective


We can display your banners to interested parties filtered by 300+ profile factors


Hundreds of thousands of profiles are updated every month, so we always advertise to current needs


We will find and target the audience you define according to your specific needs.

Pinpoint banner ad

Current profile factors

We will keep our database fresh, expand it, and select the profiles that match your campaign

Programmatic banner campaign

We launch an effective programmatic banner campaign for the filtered affinity target group

Start a programmatic banner campaign with us!

We combine the precision of a database with the efficiency of programmatic systems to help you reach your target audience cost effectively and efficiently.

600 000

live email

We help you reach your next customers and encourage brand loyalty from your current customers in large numbers.


profile attributes

A database that we are constantly enhancing, building and expanding. Yes, attuned to your unique business needs too.


GDPR compliant

Legal, fair, future-proof, and efficient database even for specific purposes. Yours, forever.

Local and global advertisers, with a database marketing mindset

“We have a call center, it’s very important to call leads on a daily basis, and of course not to waste time with cold calls. We chose Datainnovation because they can consistently deliver a high volume of Sales Qualified Leads.”

Gábor Blazsó

CEO, Credithome

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“My boss heard about the 3rd party cookie problem at an event, and I didn’t know what to tell him about the right solution. Richard put me in the picture and we’ve already had a successful campaign.”

Annamária Kis

Marketing manager

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